Message To People Making New Emails To Contact Me

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Message To People Making New Emails To Contact Me

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:59 am

People Who Are Making New Emails To Contact Me, Please Dont Bother Evil or Very Mad
If your email has no search history on google, or yahoo Etc, Etc,
Then i will think you have something to hide, and you will not get a reply from me sorry,

Your more than likely a stupid little fuck ass wipe off AOM, NEO, MW, EXO, MT, Or any one of them Twat I Wanna Be A Good Magic Share Site, BUT FAIL CONSTANTLY looking for a free ride, as usual

BUY your own stuff, and give your own users something at least to download rather than the latest new Magic Dvd to download, which is all done at there own expence anyway, and you hop on for the free ride like parasites you have always been
Your just a bunch of Clown Losers with nothing lol!

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